Lockwood Generation Six

With a wide range of applications, the Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system is an ideal solution to your basic key control needs, providing the perfect balance between security and convenience.

Key Features

  • Affordable key control
  • Colour Coded Key Inserts
  • Suitable for retro-fit installations

The Lockwood range of legally protected key control systems includes Generation Six, a 6 pin tumbler system with a series of different key profiles..

  • Nickel silver keys for strength
  • Economical restricted keying system for key control
  • Australian manufactured components
  • Lockwood proven design and manufacturing quality
  • Colour coded inserts for key identification

Key control is fundamental to the security of your building. Legal protection has been afforded to Generation Six Keying System in the form of Design Registration in Australia and New Zealand of the key and barrel profiles.

Lockwood proven design and manufacturing quality.
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Lockwood Generation Six