BiLock Master Keying

So-called “Master Key Systems” have almost become a generic term, however BiLock offers virtually infinite combinations with tightly controlled security and visual (colour) differentiation.

The BiLock key system utilises up to 12 chambers with 4 pin depths per chamber. The sum of these combinations gives 16,777,216 actual key combinations per 12 pin profile to enable the generation of powerful Master Key Systems using any combination. Authorised BiLock agents have access to our computerised master key generated system, which allows them to build extremely complex and diverse Master Key Systems without compromising security.

Since 1980 and as we move forward into the millennium, BiLock offers the security conscious individual, firm or public body a fully integrated, high security lock system designed to meet all high security needs with minimum cost and maximum flexibility. BiLock’s distinctive dual edged key and logo symbolise quality, which has been acknowledged by two Australian Design Awards and has taken Australian Lock Company to the “top 500” status for privately owned growing firms in NSW. The Australian Lock Company has been a recipient of both the NSW Telstra and Australian Government Small Business and Manufacturer of the Year awards. BiLock high security locking system offers genuine security, quality production with legal protection. Contact Access Hardware for more information
Through a close association with “Security Construction and Equipment Committee [SCEC]” ... the Australian Government’s official protective security adviser, both Standard and Quick Change Core [QCC] BiLock has been endorsed into the highest recordable SCEC categories for key operated locks. Standard BiLock is in fact rated to the highest possible level, known as “Secure Area” status, while QCC is rated as “intruder resistant” status but for many installations can be upgraded to “Secure Area” status with approval from SCEC. In addition, the BiLock First Generation camlock cylinders (models FA32279 and FA32279Q) were tested by the Underwriters Laboratory Inc. (UL) in the USA and we are pleased to advise: ‘…The camlock cylinders … are in compliance with the attack test requirements of UL437 for the cabinet locking cylinder category (2 minute attack test).’ Lanny Gray, Staff Engineer, Conformity Assessment Service, Underwriters Laboratory Inc. We are proud to produce what is, to our knowledge, the only Australian designed and manufactured lock cylinders to achieve these levels of endorsement.
A genuinely innovative locking system which offers absolute flexibility. BiLock offers QCC (Quick Change Core) patented to 2017. Re-keying a lock can be as simple as withdrawing a plug and replacing it with another seconds! Every QCC is identical, with the exception of pinning combinations (where requested), which means you can shift the same QCC between different types of locks.

The BiLock Revolution

Each BiLock cylinder is probably best described as two locks in one. The dual-bladed keys are cut on two independent rows of pin tumblers, each row of pins in turn activating a separate side bar. In addition to the many inbuilt features that prevent picking, the pins are especially shaped and ‘blunted’ to frustrate attempts at impressioning. Each cylinder can also be fitted with optional hardened steel pins to resist drilling.

BiLock’s ingenious design allows this high security mechanism to be installed in virtually all of the current planned locking systems that your business may use. BiLock also offers economical on-site servicing by authorised dealers. The ability to change combinations simply and speedily means that lost keys should no longer compromise your security.

Your BiLock dealer will maintain and upgrade your key registration records to safeguard the security and integrity of your organisation’s master keying system at all times.

High Security Master Keying Systems.
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Respected Organisations using BiLock

ABC Television


Australian Federal Police

Australian Taxation Office

Australia Post

Bank of America


Coca Cola

Caesar’s Palace Casino - Las Vegas

Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport



Royal Australian Mint

Sydney Harbour Casino

Sydney Opera House

Government Printing Office of Papua New Guinea

University of California - Los Angeles

and hundreds of thousands of others worldwide!


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