The multi award winning ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ and CLIQ WEB MANAGER with CLIQ REMOTE is a combination of the proven, SCEC endorsed ABLOY® PROTEC mechanical keying system and the CLIQ electronics developed by ASSA ABLOY.

ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ offers the ultimate synergy between the tried-and-true reliability of the superior mechanical ABLOY® PROTEC and the programming ease and flexibility inherent in electronic locks and keys.

ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ is a true one key solution where CLIQ keys are able to operate both the electromechanical and mechanical cylinders.

ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ is SCEC endorsed to Secure Area application. Contact one of our locksmithing departments for more information about the SCEC approved CLIQ software.
 The use of ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ keys and cylinders is nearly the same as the use of a normal mechanical keying system. The only difference is the sound signals given to the key holder when a CLIQ key is inserted in a CLIQ cylinder. The electronics in the key and cylinder cause a small delay of 0.4 seconds before the key can be turned after the key insertion.
 CLIQ is based on electronics that can be embedded directly inside the key and the core of a cylinder. EachABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ key and cylinder contains a unique electronic code, designated for one individual element only and cannot be altered or corrupted.

A replaceable, long-life battery is inserted into the key and serves as the sole power source. The electronic mechanism embedded in the cylinder, is a self-contained unit. This translates into no wiring whatsoever.

Consequently, the intelligent cylinder installs with ease like any normal cylinder.


ABLOY® PROTEC CLIQ is used in various industries worldwide.

·         Transportation and Logistics

·         Government and Institutional

·         Water, Energy and Communications

·         Education and Healthcare

·         Industrial and Commercial

·         Museum and Heritage

Please contact one of our locksmithing departments for more information.

Abloy Protec 2 CLIQ is SCEC Endorsed
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Abloy Protec 2 CLIQ    

How it works

Simple operation, sophisticated results.
1. The key is inserted into the cylinder.
2. The cylinder is powered up by the battery in the key.
3. Secret information is transferred between the key and the cylinder.
4. The key will be granted access if:
- The key is active at the time and;
- The time schedule on the key allows the key to access the cylinder at the time and;
- The cylinder is known by the key and;
- The key is listed in the cylinder’s list of authorised keys and;
- The mechanical coding allows the key to open the cylinder
5. An audit trail of the key being inserted in the cylinder is saved in the key as well as in the cylinder. Time, date, key and cylinder ID and result is stored in the audit trails.