Variation Management

Access Hardware is the industry leader in variation management due to our custom developed software. Where variations are required, our contract management software can provide reports on all your variations, ensuring there are no surprises at the completion of a contract.

We understand the importance of being able to substantiate the costs associated with changes to door hardware throughout the life of a building project. We understand you need to be able to produce accurate records.

Given the importance of variation management to our clients, we developed our own software package that records any changes made to hardware we supply to a project. It tracks additions and deletions to each and every door, instruction by instruction. We can print each variation as a simple summary or expand the report to contain detailed door-by-door records if required.

With our custom variation management software, we can produce complete contract reconciliation reports. These reports can show the overall history of your project indicating the start value, all additions and deletions and the end contract value. The reports are simple to produce and can help you with your project variation management and reporting.

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