Metlam - Washroom Hardware Supplier

Metlam is proud to be Australian owned and managed. Formed in the mid 1990’s, it has been a progressive evolution culminating in Metlam today being recognized as a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality washroom accessories, widely utilised in commercial applications internationally

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Quality Products

Metlam is a provider of high quality, cost effective, contemporary Commercial Washroom Equipment and Toilet Partition Hardware. All Metlam products are manufactured to our exacting specifications from both our direct manufacturing facilities and contract suppliers under strict Quality Control. We only use the highest grade raw materials relevant to their categories such as #304 stainless steel, zinc die cast alloys sourced from Australia and nylon from Europe with proven ductility and toughness for our hinge inserts, and where applicable, electroplated or powder coated product finished to ISO Standards.


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