Kilargo - Architectural Seals

Kilargo (formerly Lorient Australia) is a proud Australian company located in Brisbane with a global presence. Built on a 30-year commitment to be the best, their products lead the way in design, manufacturing and quality. Their comprehensive product portfolio includes of architectural, fire, smoke and acoustic door seals.

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Safety, Comfort and Performance

Kilargo provides simple and smart solutions to maximise the safety, comfort and performance of commercial and multi-occupancy buildings. Their products are designed to contain the spread of fire, smoke and sound, with many also providing weather protection and energy savings. Kilargo Architectural Seals are manufactured entirely in Australia. Their products are rigorously, independently and regularly tested to meet building regulations.


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Integrity Architectural Seals
Fire and Smoke Seals
Fire Door Meeting Seals
Fire Door Upgrade Seals
Intrumescent Fire Dampers
Building regulations exist to ensure the safety and comfort of building users. In Australia’s States and Territories, this is regulated through the provisions outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
The BCA covers several areas that directly relate to our products, as listed below.

Fire & Smoke
Intrumescent Fire Dampers
Smoke Doors
Weather & Energy
Hygienic Environments
Bushfire Prone Areas
Energy Efficiency