Halliday & Bailie

A New Zealand company that has been operating in Australia for ten years, Halliday and Baillie offers superior architectural hardware products. They place a high priority on design, quality and longevity; they produce lower volumes of products with higher product costs with corresponding extremely high production values. They have a longstanding affiliation with the German door hardware company FSB and Simonswerk Concealed adjustable hinges.

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Quality Products

Their range of architectural hardware includes door hardware, sliding door hardware, pocket door hardware products (including flush pulls, flush bolts, end pulls), pivot door hardware, lever and pull handles, locks, hooks and door stops. Their architectural hardware products not only look good – they feel good. They take into consideration the heavy usage sliding door and pocket door hardware handles may be submitted to and have made the longevity of their materials and finish a high priority, the marriage of artistry and precision.

Halliday & Bailie

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