Gainsborough GWA Door & Access Systems

GWA Door & Access Systems is a leading Australian designer, manufacturer, importer and distributor of a comprehensive range of access and security systems for use in residential and commercial premises as well as Gliderol garage doors and openers. They are based in Blackburn in Victoria.

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Quality Products

Their products include door handles (knobs and levers), locking systems, door closers, hinges and other door accessories, a wide range of roller doors, sectional overhead doors, automatic operators, gate operators and roller shutters.


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Cylinder Mortice Locks
Narrow Stile Mortice Locks
Levers and Knobs on Long Plates
Tubular Latches
Key in Knob Locksets
Key in Lever Locksets
Door Closers
Pull Handles
Architectural Hinges
Auxiliary Hardware
Hillaldam Door Systems
Electronic Access Controls
ECO-Schulte Glass Systems
ECO-Schulte Door
Special Keying