Interlock - Door & Windows Hardware

Interlock is a renowned New Zealand-based brand that provides a wide range of high-quality door and window hardware solutions for both residential and commercial markets.

Due to the brand's broad product portfolio, Interlock it is able to react creatively to individual needs, providing its customers with highly customised solutions.

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Aesthetics with Performance

INTERLOCK® folding door hardware combines aesthetics with performance and versatility to create ideal solutions for the modern home. Our newest line, the HEMISSHERE® system for flush panel folding door applications, accommodates large openings and ensures smooth operation.


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Window Stays
Window Sash Fasteners
Electric Window Operators
Root Windows
Hinged Door Locks
Twin Bolt Bi-Fold Lock
Flush Bolts
Door Closers
Heavy Duty Rollers
Twin Bolt Bi-Fold Lockset