Henderson - Sliding/Folding Door Solutions

Established in 1921, P C Henderson has long been acknowledged as the world leader in the design and manufacture of sliding and folding door hardware systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Throughout the world Henderson gear is used for a wide variety of applications ranging from domestic wardrobes to 8 tonne aircraft hangar doors.

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Versatility of Application

Henderson's products are very versatile and can be used in a multitude of applications moving everything from wardrobe doors, glass panels, timber doors, warehouse doors, shop fronts and gates from one position to another

The hardware can also be used in many non-door applications such as fall arrest systems or for sliding machinery, industrial curtains, sports equipment, projector screens, blackboards.

Product Catalogues

Type Name Date Download Link
PDF Automated Door Hardware System 14-11-2013
PDF Commercial Sliding Door Hardware 14-11-2013
PDF Glass Door Hardware System 14-11-2013
PDF Lift and Slide System 14-11-2013
PDF Residential Sliding Hardware 14-11-2013
PDF Securefold 14-11-2013
PDF Sliding and Folding Door 14-11-2013
PDF Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware 14-11-2013

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