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The Access Hardware Group of Companies acknowledges not only its legal obligation but also its moral obligation to provide for our employees, contractors and customers a working environment that will not place people's health, safety and wellbeing at risk.

Our employees are our business and our business relies on an efficient and manageable health and safety system to nurture and support employees, contractors and other personnel in a committed and uncompromised fashion. In recognising this policy, the Access Hardware Group will strive to maintain an injury- and illness-free workplace with a focus on effective risk management strategies aimed at reducing workplace risks. This will be achieved by way of:

  • Recognition of our WH&S legislative obligations and a desire to meet those duties
  • Developing a risk management-based WH&S program that is relevant to Access Hardware Group sites and activities, which will provide the framework in which WH&S is managed across all Access Hardware Group sites
  • Allocating WH&S responsibilities and providing the necessary resources, including people, support, information and training to assist in the provision of safe and healthy working environment
  • Providing required tools and equipment to safely carry out assigned activities as well as relevant instruction, training and supervision to ensure that all work activities are carried out by suitably competent and trained people
  • Encouraging participation and involvement with WH&S at all levels through effective consultative mechanisms
  • Monitoring and evaluating WH&S performance and activities across all AHG sites to ensure that WH&S strategies are driving continual improvement.

The Access Hardware Group emphasises the need to follow and adhere to safe work practices at all times, to ensure that no person is exposed to an undesired level of risk.

Our underlying objective is that all personnel shall apply the principles as we are all responsible for Workplace Health and Safety.