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Access Hardware and the Environment

The Access Hardware Group of Companies (AHG) is committed to reducing the environmental impact caused by our operations and embraces best practice in regards to sound environmental management.

AHG accepts we have a responsibility for the protection of the environment and will conduct our operations so as to meet these obligations. To this end, AHG's objective is to comply with all applicable environmental duties in a commercially effective way and will monitor and review its performance to effect continuous improvement.

As part of our operations all reasonably practicable steps will be taken to minimise the generation of waste and the use of products that may be harmful to the environment and human health.

AHG’s actions to achieve our environmental objectives include:

  • Striving to meet compliance with legal requirements imposed to protect our environment
  • Promoting and encouraging a workplace culture that fosters efficient environmental practices within the organisation, such that all employee's work in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Developing operating practices which minimise impacts upon the environment in a commercially effective way through work and management practises, training and use of the best technology where possible
  • Production and distribution strategies that minimise the generation of waste
  • Incorporating environmental best practice into all technological solutions, and the fitout and operation of facilities
  • Ensuring that effective waste handling and disposal methods are followed including the removal of waste from our worksites and where appropriate recycling of waste product
  • Containment of spills and leaks to avoid entry into the storm water system
  • Purchasing sustainable goods & services that minimise impact upon the environment
  • Avoiding the use of hazardous materials and products where practicable to protect human health and the imprint upon the environment
  • Environmental impact response which includes contingency planning and proper response to minimise health, safety and environmental risks
  • Communication with customers, contractors, suppliers and other relevant parties where there are matters of common concern relating to the environment
  • Fostering the initiation and ownership of environmental activities by all our staff, thereby building a strong environmentally aware business culture.
AHG encourages concern and respect for the environment and emphasises every worker's responsibility for environmental performance and compliance with this Policy.